Catherine Orchard

Pet Therapy | Short Film


PET THERAPY (7 minutes, 2015)

If animals could talk, what would they say? How active is your dog's Instagram? A creatively blocked writer turns to an opinionated cast of animals for courage in this short film.

Screened at the Ashland Independent Film Festival, Brooklyn Film Festival, Minneapolis Film Festival, and Madeline Island Film Series.

Directed by Catherine Orchard
Written by Erika Thormahlen & Catherine Orchard
Featuring Erika Thormahlen, Enzo Steinweiss, Molly Austin, Matthew Gryzywinski, and Marjory Steinweiss
Cinematography by Peter Steusloff
Edited by Connor Hurley
Wardrobe by Alison Lewis
Production Design by Julia Heymans
Original Score by Homer Steinweiss and Leon Michels
Additional Music "Chaos Theory" by Paul Spring
Sound Mix by Hansdale Hsu